Uninterruptible Power Supplies For the Rugged Navy.


After managing 400,240v,208v,120,100 volt  electricity onboard larger shipboard/naval ships,and rugged military systems requires different materiel gleaming than what is used for land-based power operations. Unlike power plants on land, shipboard power plants require more specialized equipment due their inability to be grounded(ungrounded shipboard power). AllPowerstar Inc. products have double pole input breakers that are necessary to remove dangerous shock hazards(ungrounded shipboard power)

Powerstar uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) have become a valuable addition to large ships all over the world. Major cruise lines, the US Navy, and US-allied navies equip their power systems with Powerstar UPS equipment. Many of our UPS employ isolation transformers that protect sailors from shock injuries. The isolation transformer also prevents electromagnetic interference from affecting lines. These isolation transformers are invaluable when it comes to protecting sailors on ships gleaming

Powerstar Inc. transformers can also be equipped with taps for different voltages. Isolation transformers for international sailing to Europe and Australia, voltage converters allow you to use devices of different voltages. For more information about these or any of our UPS products, call or email us anytime!


military approvals

All of our Naval and Rugged UPS Systems go through strict Military testing.

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