Powerstar has shipped 200  ps502-750h tospawar atlantic for the Marines
Powerstar welcomes our new rep in philly to the job,ernie frank.  an established rep firm all him in new jersey pennsylvania
Bowhead a Native american indian firm,, has ordered 24 ps2201 ups for navair, admacs, and moriah wind, totalling 140k
Unisource our canadian disty, has ordered several ps6003rm4u 3kva shallow depth 18 inch for Canada
En-net a gsa schedule supplier, has been delivered all ten of their ps6003 ot the military sealift command shipboard ups under budget
Northrop Grumman has just purchased 3ps3300 at $ 21000 thru Resco defense with shipboard power
Several military sealift command ships are ordering  ps2201 version 3 ups
Trivad has ordered 2 PS3300rm for their government client maryland procurement
ITT Cannon and Amp(DLA) have been stop work orders on some products we use, made in China, but not the MS31xx seriesit is OK to use..  if you wish to see the DLA stop work order email me. the only product we use that was stopped was the ms38999
Powerstar has just received payment for 30 PS6000 from france .  we will ship today. expertbuy is reseller
En-net, a reseller, has just ordered 10 3kva ps6003 for the MSC,military sealift command
Afer one year of waiting Chevron has returned 14 PS502-550 shipboard which we can now deliver fast. 550va ship
DLA has sent an order for repair of 38 PS1503 UPS for the DDG group totalling 78k
Lockheed Martin (LMCO) has just ordered several shipsets including foundations, like 40, of the PS1504-H-MB with foundations for new LCS ships
GDIT has just purchased more ps502 750g  ups for shipboard usage
Powerstar has received through Mercom for Spawar Atlanic Charleston SC an order for 350 PS502-750g with premium batteries, UPS shipboard ups
Powerstar has upgraded the AVD auto-voltage detector to go from 120v to 230v automatically
Career development at Powerstar jobs is new
QPI has just ordered ps6000 and ps1504for the navy client totalling $53000

QPI quality performance inc, the moriah wind supplier, has purchased 5 more PS2201 v3 ups for their navy client
ENNET has purchased 8 more 3kva ps6003rm for the MSC military sealift command shipboard client
Powerstar now has mil 461 approval on the ps502 750va, ps3200  2kva, and ps2201 2.2 kva ups for your pleasure and noise reduction. it isnt free but is tested by Navy labs. some may require mumetal also
HII, Huntington Ingalls, is building another destroyer for the Navy,the DDG121.  they will need 31 more ps1503 1.55kva ups for their gedms system.
Expertbuy has sent us a po for $ 80000 for ps6000v2 ups  for the French navy
lynne electric,wbo,and jdg have ordered battery orders.
Syds Outpost(SOS) has ordered (58) ps502-750g with 258 battery sets for delivery to GD
DLA has entered orders to repair over 100 Ps1503 ups on the DDG program
The French navy has ordered 5 more ps6000rm 2u